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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

Meet Our Dedicated Team

James and Leeanne established Wise Security Services in 2007.

They had the vision and devotion to make a difference in the world of security, training and facilities management.

What they have achieved so far could not have happened without the AMAZING TEAM they have working with them.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

James Wise FDA

Managing Director


James Wise, Managing Director of Wise Security Services, is seen as one of the leading security and crowd management experts in Industry. Having been one of the first in Country to obtain a Degree in Crowd & Safety Management James has been responsible for planning and operating at many of the largest and most prestigious events and venues in the country. The drive and determination that James displays has played a major factor in Wise Security being seen as one of the most creditable and well respected companies in the modern era.

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Leeanne Wise



Leeanne's background is in leisure & tourism where she was previously in charge of overseeing a multi-million pound travel agency at its flagship store in central London.
After gaining considerable experience at such a large company in the corporate world, Leeanne has brought her expertise and experience into the structuring and development of Wise Security Services. Leanne’s personal touch has played a huge part in making us what we are today.

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Terry Wise

Special Projects Manager


Terry has vast experience within the security industry having previously owned a successful crowd management company, prior to merging with one of the largest security firms in the UK.
Terry manages Wise Security Services’ special projects, from liaising with key stakeholders, implementing crowd management plans and risk assessments, through to overseeing assignment operations.

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Susan Highsted

Operations & Training Manager


Susan has worked her way to become a very well-respected leader for Wise Security.
Having learned the trade as an ‘on-the-ground’ worker, Sue now combines her skills and expertise with operational tasks such as client liaison, overseeing key projects from conception to conclusion and managing the Wise Security Training Centre. Sue has an extensive amount of quals ranging from NVQ Level 4 Spect Safety to PTLLS. These skills set allows Sue to be able to relate and in turn provide the correct guidance given her on the ground & Training experience.

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David Heightley

Senior Events Manager

David has been involved in the Security industry for over 25 years and in that time has built up an incredible amount of experience and expertise.
Responsible as the Senior figure at many high profile events, David is a likeable individual who is extremely thorough and professional no matter what the task.

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Ray Francis

Event Manager

Ray has worked his way through the ranks and is not shy of putting in a shift.
The determination, desire and hard working attitude displayed see's Ray always forging an fantastic working relationship with workers and clients all of whom are always grateful of his positive attitude nothing to much trouble approach at all times.

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Dave Mills

Screening Officer / Assessor


Dave has over 30 years worth experience in the world of Events and Security. The knowledge and experience built up over this time provides the comforting factor that anything relating to the Screening or Assessment of our staff is being overseen by someone who thoroughly understands what it takes to meet the demands of these important aspects of the business.

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Shelby Mackie

Office Manager


Shelby has been a key part of the admin team since the company was formed in 2007. Working closely with the MD, Shelby has worked her way up as a Senior figure within organisation responsible for overseeing all key elements relating to Bookings and general administrative tasks as well as formulating extremely good working relationships with our customers . In addition to this Shelby has built up valuable amounts of experience on the ground and can relate to the needs of the staff given the number of high profile events that shelby has overseen as our Company Rep.

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Courtnay Mackie

Human Resources Manager


Courtnay's enthusiasm and positive approach provides our staff with the comforting knowledge that we always have their best interests at heart. Courtnay's exceptional people skills supported by a well educated background and vast amounts of experience in the events industry has played a major role in the positive feedback we often receive relating to staff satisfaction surveys.

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Daniel Frost

Operations Manager


Daniel started out working as a Steward for Wise Security and has worked his way up to the position of Operations Manager. Daniel reports directly to the Managing Director regarding all operational issues as well as overseeing many company projects and assignments. Daniel has vast experience in many sectors, notably the events sector, overseeing prestigious events such as the London Marathon and Royal Ascot. Daniel is fully qualified in NVQ 3 Spectator Safety.

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Penny Woodard

Payroll & Finance Manager

Penny oversees controls all aspects relating to Payroll and Finance within the company. Penny's 35 year association within the Accounting world has seen her build up an incomparable amount of experience with packages such as SAGE & other key components relating to payroll and finance.

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