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Experience in operating at a wide variety of venues and events throughout the UK

Corporate and Close Protection

Your guests mean everything to you and you want to make their visit to your event as comfortable and memorable as possible so they come back again and again.

It’s not just about what they are there to see or do, but it’s also about the little things that can ensure their day is a special one.

That is where we can help.


Our experienced and friendly corporate hospitality staff will attend to the every need of you and your guests.

Wise Security Services can provide the right people to represent your company whether you require cloakroom attendants, entry control experts or anyone in between.

Our staff can blend right into any occasion, wearing your corporate style, or the smart Wise Security Services uniform.

Like you, we want your guests to head home with nothing but great memories of a perfect experience.

Personal Protection

Spending time in the public eye is a major part in the life of politicians, celebrities and business men and women, but it can come with a certain amount of risk.

Safety is paramount, without impacting on the individual, or the experience of their family, fans or followers.

We can help offer that peace of mind.

Whether rock star, actor, sports personality, politician or captain of industry, Wise Security Services are experienced at providing the comfort of having trained and qualified security protection close at hand.

We have the right security experts to cover and support you for anything from a special evening out to full 24-hour safety in all manner of environments.

But it’s not just about being on hand to deal with any potential issues. Our intelligence, research and planning allows us to be ahead of the game and ensure our clients can go about their business without concern.

Meanwhile, if there’s any need for you to go away and you want to know your family and property is in safe hands in your absence, you can trust us.

Our personnel can escort your loved ones and maintain a presence on the ground protecting your home.

Whatever your requirements, Wise Security Services has the background and know-how to provide the right solution and ensure yours and your family’s safety.

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