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Date Posted | 30/04/2020

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In a time of uncertainty, there is always one thing we can be certain of, that is the professionalism, customer service and loyalty of our staff, even in the brink of a global pandemic.

Thankfully due to our great contacts in the security industry and strong reputation, we were called upon to support one of the Largest Supermarket chains in the UK (Tesco’s) at a variety of sites around the country. This gave us the opportunity for a large pool of staff to rise to the challenge of managing a new way of life for many people.

We were tasked with many duties inclusive but not limited to the following:

  • Social Distancing
  • Queue Management
  • Security Patrols
  • Assisting NHS Workers
  • COVID-19 Advice and Guidance
  • Traffic Management
  • General Marshalling (One Way Systems, Till Safe Distancing etc)

As a company there were various other challenges, procedurally and structurally that had to be hurdled, but hurdled they were with our Management Team working hard in putting together various new policies and procedures such as Risk Assessments and Work Place Policies which were in turn implemented via our cloud based Staff Portal.

Senior Management Commented: I would like to personally say thank you for all the effort that has gone into this task and hope in the future we can work together again. Your staff have received exemplar reports back and please pass our gratitude to them for the work they undertook.

We will look back on this period with great remorse, however, we cannot forget the bravery and optimism that saw us through this period, so to all of our staff who worked at this time across the Tesco stores, we say a huge thank you.