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Date Posted | 01/05/2020

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Following the announcement of social distancing measures, we here at Wise Security were prompted into making various decisions to help everybody from our clients to our employees throughout this period.

Initially, with hope of a swift return to the large scale events we were used to, we operated a deep clean of our office, to keep all trainees and interviewees safe upon arrival to our offices. This was followed by a thorough washing of all of our high vis tabards, along with a decision to forgo the use of our high vis jackets and implement a system for the foreseeable future to issue bibs only as a means of being able to wash them more frequently with a quicker turnaround in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However, as things escalated day by day, it became clear that there would be no quick fix. With events coming to a halt, it was decided that it would be best for our office to be run from home, for the safety of those involved.

With the changing environment, new policies were written and distributed to all employees, most importantly to those who were still working at various Site. Along with updated policies, updated risk assessments were written and distributed for the remaining clients we worked with, to ensure all possibilities were covered. On the return of events, further policies and procedures will be implemented in line with future government guidance.

It was vitality important that all of the above was distributed efficiently to our employees, so in this time numerous emails were sent and posts on all forms of our social media platform enabled us to keep our employees in the loop on what to do and how to do it. We also updated our employee’s staff portal with updated policies, as well as NHS and Government guidlines

Finally with a temporary halt to our normal activities, amongst other incentivised methods we had put in place for the staff we also wanted to look at other ways we could best support them through the financial difficulties that they no doubt faced, which is why we facilitated them through the Job Retention scheme know as Furlough. Despite the enormity of the task putting this in place, it was done with open arms as we knew ultimately it would help them and their families through this interim period.

Looking ahead, we will continue to do everything possible in order to support our loyal staff and fight against COVID-19.