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Date Posted | 20/11/2017

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Microsoft, one of the worlds leading organisations arrived at the Copperbox Arena to host an exclusive London Tournament and celebrate the global MINECON Earth broadcast! Competitors had the chance to show off their Minecraft skills to the community and then watch the MINECON Earth broadcast at one of the coolest parties in the world!

A cool party wouldn’t be the same without a cool Security company and it just so happend that Wise Security were about in order to be an integral part of the party!

Months of planning with Senior representatives from Microsoft saw our Operations Team conduct many video conference calls as well as regular site meetings with Microsofts London based team.

As well as the Event day it’s fair to say that the 1 weeks worth of Bump In proved just as important given the millions of pounds worth of equipment that was entering the building. It was left to our day and night Security team to implement a robust Security presence who were responsible for the following Key Duties: Vehicle Checks, Traffic Management, Accrediations Check Points, Equipment Protection, Roving Security and much more.

The Bump In led to to the main Event Day where our team of experienced staff contributed towards the success of the event given our friendly and helpful approach with a variant of staff categories inclusive but not limited to: Management, Controller, Supervisors, Security and Stewarding Personnel.

Overall the event was a total success and it was really nice to receive such positive feedback from the Senior Management at Microsoft who made specific reference to the togetherness and professionalism that we displayed throughout the duration of their stay.