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Track Cycling World Championship 2021 – A Successful Ride

Date Posted | 07/12/2021

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Last weekend saw the UCI Track Cycling World Championships end their tour of Europe with a double header at the Lee Valley VeloPark on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. As the sole supplier to this historic venue, Wise Security oversaw all Security and Stewarding responsibilities for the event, which was an overriding success.

These two days attracted over eight thousand people to the venue over the two days, the largest event at the Lee Valley VeloPark since the Pandemic hit. The last spectator event of such magnitude was the Six Day London in 2019.

Our Security teams were responsible for ensuring all of those entering the venue were security screened, ensuring all searches were completed, as well as checking for all required COVID Protocols. A unique aspect to operating a Velodrome is that all entrances must be managed via an airlock system, something that our security team implemented brilliantly, to ensure the venue stays at a constant temperature.

Stewards stepped in to provide their usual smiley faces and customer service skills but were on hand to provide their qualified assistance for any Spectator Safety issues should they arise. We are thankful to say that no major incidents needed to be dealt with, and the team enjoyed a relatively incident free and enjoyable event.

This event provided a great steppingstone to Wise Security providing all internal stewarding and security requirements for the Cycling events at the Birmingham Commonweath Games 2022. Although the majority of the games will take place in Birmingham, all Cycling events will be hosted by the Lee Valley VeloPark. We cannot wait to work with the Commonwealth Games, it will give many of our team great memories of working at the London Olympics 10 years ago.